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  • schmuddel (Freitag, 16. Februar 2018 23:35)

    Hallo Petra und Michael,

    Euch mal ein paar liebe Grüße hier lassen aus dem kalten Deutschland,schöne Seite habt Ihr

  • Fran Abel (Dienstag, 09. Januar 2018 04:29)

    We saw you at Sequoia and had a brief chat. Love your vehicle! Happy New Year!t

  • Andrea Raineri (Montag, 11. Dezember 2017 09:39)

    Hallo Petra und Michael,
    ich hab euch durch Zufall entdeckt und wünsche euch viel Spaß auf eurer Reise.
    Liebe Grüße

  • Christine and Claire (Samstag, 09. Dezember 2017 00:43)

    We have not forgetten you after seeing you in Calgary in August. Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year

  • ERIK SANTILLAN (Freitag, 17. November 2017 18:09)

    Hi Michael and Petra, I hope you are enjoying your trip around Mexico. Greetings from Durango, Mexico. Any help, you can call me at any moment of the day. Erik Santillan (purifying water plant)

  • Lucia Krüger (Mittwoch, 25. Oktober 2017 19:41)

    Hallo ihr zwei!
    Ich finde eure Reiseberichte einfach super!!! Ihr solltet da raus ein Buch machen :). Hoffe euch geht's gut! Ich wünsch euch weiterhin viel freude bei eurem Abenteuer.
    Gruß und Kuss, Lucia

  • Daniel brown (Montag, 16. Oktober 2017 03:45)

    Just gave you thumbs up from a black ford truck in downtown Albuquerque, hope you had fun at the balloon festival! Safe travels & awesome rig!

  • Nikki Tsabetsaye (Montag, 16. Oktober 2017 02:20)

    Thank you for stopping by the LA Underground / AllCitypaint! It was nice to meet you, safe travels and your RV is "badass". - Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Shawn Snowdon (Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017 02:31)

    Seen you in Oregon, and then again today at Mesa Verde in Colorado! Hope you are having fun during your travels!

  • Stavros (Donnerstag, 12. Oktober 2017 20:42)

    Saw you at Mesa Verde! AWESOME vehicle!!

  • Mark & Donna Sreeves (from England) (Montag, 09. Oktober 2017 06:44)

    Saw you at Horseshoe Bend today

  • Scott and Cindy Hampton (Freitag, 06. Oktober 2017 15:15)

    Saw your vehicle in Zion 10/01/17…..WOW.
    Safe travels.

  • Diane Baker (Sonntag, 01. Oktober 2017 16:29)

    We saw you in September on antelope island Utah

  • Eric Garrison (Dienstag, 26. September 2017 21:55)

    happy trails!

  • Joe and linda Fuchs (Sonntag, 24. September 2017 00:53)

    Just drove by you on road to Potash, utah! Pretty cool vehicle u have there. I wanted my husband to turn around and see if you'd give us a tour :) but we were late meeting our friends! Best of luck on your tour thru our country, safe travels

  • Wim (Freitag, 22. September 2017 02:58)

    Great meeting you in Moab, Utah, Canyonlands national park. Looks like a great adventurous trip you're doing

  • Burkhard (Freitag, 22. September 2017 00:22)

    Hi ihr Beiden,

    Viele Grüße aus Würges. Wir sind bei euch. Eine tolle Sache!

  • Greg kimberley (Dienstag, 19. September 2017 05:03)

    Great meeting you both at Dinosaur National Monument
    Happy Traveling

  • Dani schütze (Montag, 18. September 2017 14:25)

    Oh man,so eindrucksvolle Bilder!!die landschaften beeindrucken...geniesst es und lasst uns weiterhin so intensiv teilhaben ;-) liebe Grüsse aus der Provence,auf dem Weg gen Portugal oder Marokko !dani,olaf,Lili,Nema und timo

  • Daniel (Samstag, 16. September 2017 20:54)

    Saw you on I80 east, love your van!

  • Jason and Kristie (Samstag, 16. September 2017 20:40)

    Hey man on the road! Just passed you on I-80 in Wyoming, grey dodge RAM. We gave you the thumbs up and you gave us the lights! Love your rig. Wish we could get MAN's here. Have good and safe travels! J&K from Colorado.

  • Danielle (Samstag, 02. September 2017 20:59)

    Just drove by you in Helena Montana! Welcome!

  • garry king (Samstag, 02. September 2017 15:46)

    Enjoyed meeting you at the Gates of the Mountains...loved the story of your voyage...Lewis and Clark would be proud of you. Enjoy the Utah Peach!

  • Brett Holzer (Donnerstag, 31. August 2017 05:42)

    Wilkommen in Montana! Ich hab Sie in Helena gesehen. Viel Spas an die Reise.

  • Lee (Dienstag, 29. August 2017 08:17)

    we are in the same Walmart parking lot tonight. Sleep tight!

  • Beth (Samstag, 26. August 2017 02:27)

    Saw you pull in to a parking lot in Waterton Park late this afternoon! Happy travels!???⛰

  • Joe (Samstag, 26. August 2017 00:12)

    Saw you at Cameron Lake near Waterton Park, AB, Canada around 2 p.m. Got back to our hotel room, looked up your website and noticed you traveled through our state of Arizona and that a part of that drive was on the Apache Trail that runs from Roosevelt Lake to Apache Junction. Omigosh, I can't believe you drove that road with your vehicle. You are brave adventurers. Have fun!!

  • Crystal (Freitag, 25. August 2017 05:36)

    Saw you in Calgary. Love your vehicle. Welcome to Canada.

  • Jan (Freitag, 25. August 2017 00:57)

    Saw you in Pincher Creek this afternoon. Keep on truckin'.

  • Christine and Claire (Donnerstag, 24. August 2017 03:52)

    Just saw you in Fish Creek Park in Calgary! Hope you are enjoying your visit and wished we could have talked to you!

  • Chris (Mittwoch, 23. August 2017 23:31)

    Just saw you parked outside The Bow Tower in downtown Calgary. Awesome RV! Happy travels!

  • Wyatt (Montag, 21. August 2017 19:47)

    Saw you at Caroline. Following you right now.

  • Dan (Samstag, 19. August 2017 23:03)

    Just spotted at west Edmonton mall.

  • Rachel (Samstag, 19. August 2017 21:00)

    Saw you in downtown Edmonton, presumably going to the farmer's market. I hope you enjoy your stay.

  • Hendrik Hols (Samstag, 19. August 2017 20:05)

    Saw you in Edmonton today. Is that a military vehicle you converted? It looks pretty awesome, like you could survive almost any disaster.

  • Loren Steen (Montag, 07. August 2017 02:33)

    Petra and Micheal,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the camp site near Chicken, AK. Thank you for the overview of your modifications on the vehicle. Smooth travels to you for your trip south.

  • Francis (Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017 09:15)

    Hey! Saw y'all in anchorage a couple days ago then just a couple hours ago in Fairbanks.

    I assume youre heading to deadhorse? I am too! Keep an eye out for me. Little black Subaru with too many gas cans on the roof and a Chinese plate!

  • David (Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017 07:09)

    I just saw your incredible vehicle parked outside Brown Jug in Fairbanks! I wish I would have known to stop and say hi. The adventure you are on is incredible, and I would have loved to hear your stories.

  • Paul Cars (Samstag, 22. Juli 2017 01:44)

    Wonderful meeting you both today. Thank you for bringing your vehicle into the shop. It made everyone's day. Your craftsmanship is amazing and shows true pride in your work. Thanks

  • Dora Gainer (Freitag, 21. Juli 2017 05:21)

    Saw your RV at the Potter Marsh just southeast of Anchorage Alaska July 20, 2017. Happy Trails!

  • matt (Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017 07:59)

    Saw you Seward AK at safeway 7/19/2017

  • Peter (Freitag, 30. Juni 2017 05:50)

    Saw your sweet rig in Stewart, BC.

  • Burkhard (Montag, 22. Mai 2017 18:27)

    Viele Grüße aus Würges,

    Wir sind bei euch :-)

  • Raynel J Hunt (Montag, 22. Mai 2017 05:03)

    Hi. We waved and you honked at us today at Clover Point, Victoria, BC. We were flying kites. Saw you on the ferry this afternoon. Safe travels. ?

  • Dr.Skin (Montag, 22. Mai 2017 01:40)

    Saw you in Victoria BC
    May 20,2017

  • Taryn Jones (Montag, 22. Mai 2017 00:55)

    You drove past my parents' house in Victoria, BC today! We were intrigued by your vehicle and looked you up. Welkommen in Victoria! Gute reise! :)

  • Sam and Austin (Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017 20:40)

    Just saw you in Victoria, Bc! We're sitting in a restaurant having brunch and saw your interesting vehicle. Safe travels!

  • Cait and friends (Samstag, 20. Mai 2017 22:58)

    See you at the sea cider farm & ciderhouse. Give the kings & spies a try. ?

  • Peter Schabram (Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017 21:42)

    Have fun and enjoy!

  • Keri Whyte (Samstag, 13. Mai 2017 03:46)

    We are behind you on I5 north stuck in traffic. We were intrigued by your vehicle and looked up your website! What a fun adventure! We snapped a picture but can't upload here.

    Happy travels from your new freeway friends!

Luminale 2016

Vom 13 bis 18.03.2016 fand in Frankfurt die Luminale parallel zur Messe "Light and Building" statt. Über 200 Lichtinstallationen waren in Frankfurt und Offenbach an den unterschiedlichsten Stellen zu besichtigen. Ein kostenloser Shuttlebus brachte die Besucher zu den vielen Standorten.


Valencia, ein wahres Eldorado der Streetart.
Wände, Gebäude, Rolltore - in Valencia, besonders in der Altstadt um dem Mercat Central habe ich eine reiche Auswahl an wirklich schönen, farbigen und künstlerischen Motiven gefunden. Eine Auswahl mit 36 Bildern findet Ihr hier:

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